Self taught 11 year old Indian prodigy creates app – ‘3Tabs’ to speed up web browsing!

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Vedant - Young prodigy

How often do we run into self taught youngsters developing their own mobile apps and trying to solve common problems that people face? Well that’s what the 11 year old Indian prodigy, Vedant Malhotra, has done!  Vedant, based in Reno, Nevada, USA recently published his first app ‘3Tabs’ on Apple Store, which is already grabbing attention by industry experts!

Vedant encountered a problem. His devices (Laptop, iPhone, iPad etc.) were slowing down, and instead of just living with the problem, he decided to solve the problem. He created ‘3Tabs’. Its a web browser that has only 3 tabs instead of several, which helps speed up web browsing and improve performance and battery life! This way you can stay organized. You can directly search from the app and also add as many favorites as you need!

We installed ‘3Tabs’ and indeed its a simple and easy to use web browser delivering to its promises! Very simple and creative!

The publication of ‘3Tabs’ makes Vedant the second youngest app developer in the world!

Vedant has been learning to make apps since the age of nine. Vedant has always been fascinated by technology. When he was six years old, his father asked him to give him examples of living and non-living things. His response for living things was “plants and animals”, and his response for non-living things was “iPhone and iPad”.

Vedant apps

Vedant learnt to make apps all by himself using internet and other resources. Vedant was recently featured on KTVN, a TV news channel in Nevada, USA, where Vedant resides.

What makes Vedant successful? Its his love for apps, his patience, his attitude, his hard work and his focus.Vedant believes that no matter what one’s age is, one can accomplish what one wants to. Vedant currently has published two apps. He wants to teach others about apps, and has started to create and post education videos.

Vedant is currently working on an app for driver safety, and wants to create a web based system for pet owners. Vedant’s goal is to reach and hopefully impact millions of people through his apps, and technology. Vedant is currently enrolled in a thirty three week long program at an entrepreneurship academy where he is learning how to start and manage a company. We wish Vedant the best for all that the future has in store for him!

Well, you can follow this young genius in many ways:

Website: http://www.vedantapps.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vedantappsofficial

Twitter: @vedantapps

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/vedantapps

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