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LockPod with iPadOS 17

Bring your favorite music to your iPad Lock Screen with LockPod

I recently launched LockPod on iPad with iPadOS 17. I’m truly excited to bring these customizable widgets to the iPad!

LockPod widgets on iPhone proved to be incredibly popular with the launch of iOS 16 on iPhone. When Apple launched Lock Screen widgets on iPad with iPadOS 17, I had to bring them over. LockPod on iPad works in the same way as it does on iPhone – with all the same great customization features!

One usage that caught my eye was focus modes and having different lock screens. This is such a cool use of LockPod. In your Study focus? Launch your study playlist from your Lock Screen! So cool. I love seeing your Lock Screen setups with LockPod – keep sending them in!

LockPod has had an incredible journey so far. I’m excited to see how LockPod on iPad grows. Thanks all!

You can download LockPod on the App Store!

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