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Introducing 3things

A powerful and easy way to track the most important things

This Is 3things

Track the three most important things and more with 3things.


3things has a simple, yet intuitive user interface. Quickly add and manage your things.


Quickly manage and add items to keep track of using the simple and easy to use checklist.


Get information about your things right from the home screen, without opening the app.


Jot down ideas and more into a dedicated space for Journals.


Quickly manage what matters the most.

- Quickly manage your things
- Support for Dark Mode
- Quickly add Journal entries
- Quickly add items to the Checklist
- Easy navigation on iPhone, iPad, and Mac


Home Screen Widgets

Quickly get information about your things, right from the home screen, without opening the app.


Get access to some great additional features in 3things.

  • Unlock with Biometrics
  • Scan Text
  • Change the App Icon
  • Set a Custom Greeting
  • Set a Custom Tint Color
  • More features are always being added!