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How to Configure a Lock Screen Widget

If you aren’t seeing LockPod in the list of apps on the Lock Screen widget menu, please restart your iPhone.

Also, please make sure you have added at least one widget inside LockPod.

Step 1

Swipe down to open your Lock Screen, and press and hold until you see the Lock Screen selector, and tap on Customize.
A screenshot of the Lock Screen selector with a circle around the customize button

Step 2

If you haven’t already, tap on the widgets area, scroll down until you find LockPod, and add one of the widget sizes.


Tap on one of the LockPod widgets until you see the picker menu open.

Note – You may have to tap twice

A screenshot of the Lock Screen in editing mode

Step 3

Finally, tap on any widget that you created in LockPod, and your widget should now be ready to play music!
A screenshot of the LockPod widget selector on the Lock Screen

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